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September 2014 Archives

Highly recommended: cover yourself with long-term disability insurance

Social Security disability insurance is an important financial resource for Americans who live with serious disabilities which prevent them from engaging in gainful work. As important as SSDI is, though, it is important for folks to realize that it should not be counted on as a primary source of income in the event one develops a serious disability or illness which changes their life.

Obtaining SSI or SSDI on the basis of autism

According to a recent study conducted at Princeton University, we may be a bit closer to understanding what part of the brain is associated with the development of Autism. The study, which was actually a review of research already conducted, theorizes that cerebellum injuries in early life affect the developmental process in such a way that make autism more likely to develop later on.

Social Security benefits for disabled children

Social Security benefits, though primarily geared toward adults who are disabled and/or retired, are also available to children in a variety of circumstances. These benefits are available through two separate programs, one being the Social Security disability program, which most people thing of providing benefits to disabled adults. The other is Supplemental Security Insurance.

Report addresses serious issues facing disabled in Michigan

In Michigan, disabled people struggling to find work may soon have relief under a plan that would provide employment assistance. The plan was released earlier this month by state officials and disability advocates who want to address shortfalls in the disability safety network that make things unnecessarily difficult for the disabled.