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April 2014 Archives

Can I qualify for SSDI based on obesity?

A federal court in Missouri recently ruled that obesity can be considered a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act for purposes of employment discrimination. That decision was issued in connection with a case involving a man who was terminated because of his obese condition.

SSDI not on first line of defense for disability insurance

Social Security disability insurance, as we frequently point out on this blog, is an important social insurance program which provides those with serious impairments a minimum amount of income so as to support themselves. While the importance of the program is emphasized here, it is also true that it is not wise for most people to rely on such coverage in the event of disability.

Social Security overpayment collections stopped, for the moment

The Social Security Administration, in response to criticism from certain lawmakers, has reportedly put on hold a program aimed at recouping overpayments to beneficiaries. Overpayments, as some of our readers know, can happen from time to time with beneficiaries and may not be caught and corrected until later.

Work incentives encourage SSDI beneficiaries to reenter workforce

Readers who pay attention to the unemployment rate may have heard the latest numbers show that, although only 6.7 percent of Americans seeking work are unable to find it and overall employment is recovering, nearly 37 percent of Americans at or above 16 years of age have dropped out of the labor force. The latter figure, which is the labor force participation rate—has been declining fairly steadily since the recession.

Qualifying for SSDI for arthritis

Arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, is a common condition among Americans. According to a recent Huffington Post article written by Dr. Kevin Stone, roughly 27 million Americans at or above the age of 25 have osteoarthritis. The need for treatments that effectively address osteoarthritis is therefore great.