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February 2014 Archives

SSA announces new expedited claims process for veterans

There has been some good news recently from the Social Security Administration regarding the benefits process for veterans, but it still leaves some veterans skeptical.

New conditions qualify for Compassionate Allowance program

As many of our readers are probably already aware, wait times for Social Security disability applications are still plenty high, some areas of the country higher than others. The Social Security Administration continues to try and address the problem, but challenges remain, particularly the significant backlog of claims and the continuing high number of applications. Still, despite the wait times and the backlog, there are still some SSDI applicants that do not have to worry about how long they will have to wait for a benefits decision.

Many workers suffer a disability before retirement age

February is American Health Month, Feb. 4 is World Cancer Day, and Feb. 14 is National Donor Day.  Besides raising awareness of just how many people can be affected by health concerns, this also reminds us that all of us are in some way or another affected by a disability.

Long-term disability coverage a critical resource

Social Security disability income is an important financial resource for roughly 58 million Americans. For most of those who are unable to work because of serious impairments, SSDI income is literally a lifeline. That being said, SSDI benefits are not intended to assist most people who suffer with disabling injuries and illnesses. For those who fall short of SSDI requirements, disability insurance is a critical backup.