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January 2014 Archives

Michigan family in worse spot since health care law implemented

Since the Affordable Care Act has begun to be implemented, some families have noticed big changes in terms of health care. Not all these changes are good. One such story that has been circulating concerns a Michigan family of four, each member of which has serious health issues. The mother and the two children suffer with a bone disease called ostogenesis imperfecta, and the father has cerebral palsy. Because of the changes made by the new health care law, the family is set to pay $8,000 more per year for medical coverage.

Changes to SSDI application process forthcoming

For some time now, lawmakers and other critics of the Social Security disability system have been calling for changes in the way the agency operates. In an effort to address some problem areas, the Social Security Administration is reportedly going to be making a number of changes.

Unemployment rate for disabled drops at end of 2013

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of disabled Americans without work dropped toward the end of 2013, decreasing to 11.9 percent in December. That is down slightly from 12.3 percent in November. The decrease in the disability unemployment rate is not necessarily a cause for celebration, though, since it was probably just due to the fact that people often stop looking for work as the year comes to a close.

Numerous New York officers charged for SSDI fraud

In a surprising bit of news, the Washington Times is reporting that 72 New York City police officers, five corrections officers, eight firefighters and a police officer from Nassau County have been arrested for faking mental impairments in order to obtain Social Security disability benefits. The former workers were allegedly trained in how to report symptoms of mental impairments so as to be approved for disability benefits, earning four ringleaders thousands of dollars in under-the-table

Social Security help for autistic children

Parents of children with developmental disabilities know the struggle it can be to obtain services for their children. But according to a new study conducted at West Virginia University, parents of children with autism may experience more difficulties in obtaining the help they need when compared to parents of children with other developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.