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December 2013 Archives

Social Security Administration addresses “judicial independence”

Our readers know that the Social Security Administration has been heavily criticized in recent years as the disability roll has grown, fraud has become a concern, and as the financial challenges of the disability trust fund have come into greater relief.

Learning disabilities and SSDI

As our readers know, learning disabilities—once referred to by the now derogatory term “mental retardation”—come in different varieties. One variety of learning disorder is classified as nonverbal. These individuals usually display average skills in language but fall below the average in mathematics and visual problem-solving.   

White House pledges $100M for mental health care

This week, the White House reportedly commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook by meeting with the families of victims and pledging to devote $100 million for mental health programs across the United States. As has been pointed out, though, that amount of money doesn’t go very far in the funding of mental health care, to which states have been devoting much more money over the past year.

Caucus will address disability risks, importance of preparedness

Disability insurance, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, is a greatly underused resource in this country. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, 64 percent of wage earners believe they have no more than a 2 percent chance of becoming disabled for 3 or more months in the course of their working career, whereas the actual risk is 25 percent.