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February 2013 Archives

SSDI beneficiaries: when should you take your retirement benefits?

Disability benefits are an important resource for those who suffer with mental or physical impairments that keep them from holding down a job and supporting themselves and their families. For older folks who are looking at applying for Social Security disability benefits, it is important to understand how the retirement and disability benefits systems interact, since it may change how they pursue those benefits.

USDA: food insecurity more common among households with disabled adults

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, disability can significantly affect the ability of adults to properly provide food for themselves and their families. The situation known as "food insecurity" affects many disabled families. Food insecurity occurs when a household lacks adequate food for one or more household member because of insufficient money or other resources for food.

Federal government to issue regulations on mental health coverage

Our readers know the importance of programs like Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income. These programs provide income for many people that struggle, because of disability, to provide for themselves and their families. For those with mental health impairments, there will soon be a more reliable network of support under federal law.