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May 2012 Archives

What types of back injuries meet requirements for SSDI benefits?

For Michigan residents who are dealing with a debilitating back or spine injury, they may quickly find out that dealing with an application for Social Security disability can be almost as frustrating as the injury itself. Despite potential roadblocks to gaining approval for benefits, the Social Security Administration has assembled criteria for what kind of injuries and symptoms meet the qualifications to be certified as a disability.

Study: Most Americans uninformed about Social Security disability

Due to the wide range of reasons Michigan residents may file for Social Security disability benefits, there are a large number of misconceptions about the program and those who submit applications for benefits. Though many people might think that a catastrophic accident is the most common reason people file for SSD benefits, a recent study shows that arthritis is actually the leading disability.

The recession unduly affects those living with a disability

One former tow-truck driver is probably experiencing the same thing as many people in Michigan. After trying for months to find a job that would accommodate his respiratory condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the man made the decision to file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. In addition to his medical condition, the economic recession has made it very difficult for him to find employment.

After long battle, cancer survivor fights for SSDI benefit reform

Whenever serious illness strikes, life for Michigan families can change dramatically. However, no one can anticipate their life changing as much as one cancer survivor's has. The woman has since focused her energy on advocating for reforms in Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.