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April 2012 Archives

Parkinson's can limit motor skills, ability to perform job

Like many autoimmune diseases, being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease is a scary prospect for many living in Michigan. Currently, there are nearly 500,000 Americans living with the neurological medical condition in the United States today. These individuals are dealing with symptoms that limit their mobility and motor skills. Unfortunately, the physical limitations associated with Parkinson's can be debilitating.

Blood test could help Michigan residents with depression

A recent medical innovation might provide a breakthrough for those dealing with depression in Michigan. Medical researchers may have discovered numerous genetic markers that are typically associated with various types of depression in teenagers, and possibly adults. The markers can be identified with a simple blood test. If this testing proves to be accurate, then it could help individuals dealing with a mental condition get the treatment and assistance they need.

Proposed federal cuts target Social Security Disability program

It's no secret that submitting an application to receive Social Security Disability benefits can be pain-staking. This is why it's not uncommon for applicants to receive denials of benefits, even in cases where they clearly qualify for benefits. Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress is considering cutting a program that benefits SSD applicants in Trenton, Michigan, and throughout the country.

HIV-positive man loses suit for sharing information about illness

For those people in Michigan dealing with an HIV diagnosis it can be a very private and sensitive matter. Aside from the general social stigma regarding the illness, those with positive diagnoses may have trouble obtaining employment or the necessary certifications to remain employed.