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February 2012 Archives

Social Security Disability for children

Though Social Security Disability benefits are available for children that are blind or disabled through injury or illness, there will always be concerns that the claimants have received such benefits through fraud. The consequences of fraudulent claims will be that the response of legislators will make it more difficult for everyone including deserving recipients to receive such disability benefits.

PTSD and Social Security Disability

With the number of individuals applying for Social Security Disability Income benefits for injury or illness, there will always be pressure to not cover certain injuries or ailments. Unfortunately, some such injuries or ailments are very real and are too often summarily dismissed.

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance

A large number of people applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim in 2011 and this number might be surprising considering that we have an aging population. Many claims are denied and the number of denials obviously demonstrates why attorney representation during all steps of the process is highly recommended.

Michigan residents in continuous need of disability benefits

For residents of Michigan, now sickened or injured and unable to work, Social Security Disability Insurance may be all that is left to keep them out of poverty. For all the hype, instances of abuse of the system are quite rare and can be easily remedied by other means than gutting the entire system.